It’s quite simple; The greatest products are the ones that we become emotionally attached to.



Because human beings literally are lost without their tools. We need tools for everything, and we treasure our favourite ones dearly. 

In earlier times there would have been a good knife, an efficient bow etc. and even though our requirements in the modern times are different, the premiss still remains the same.

When a product through its form, functionality or significance evokes our emotions, we start looking after it, caring about it, and ultimately pass it on to the others hoping that they will do the same. 

That, to me, is the essence of a great, meaningful and sustainable product. 

In our design process we tap into the conscious and unconscious centres of our mind, using recognition, curiosity, attraction and desire a.m.o. 

With the help of this simple but highly effective approach we activate the two most essential factors of communicating a product; enthusiasm and emotional activation. 

Studio Sebastian Holmbäck is a multi-disciplinary design agency who works directly with a selective group of clients who are on a mission; regardless of their product portfolio, their price point or customer base and are seeking to push the boundaries of their field and are eager to be challenged.

We seek cooperations with companies that are willing to go the extra mile to produce meaningful products in a world that needs quality more than quantity.

Sebastian Holmbäck has worked with Product, Furniture and Lighting design for almost two decades and has received numerous international awards. 

Challenge us.